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5 Methods To Increase Alexa Rank of New Blogger Blog

5 Tremendous Method to increase alexa rank of new blogger blog.best seo tips to get traffic and page rank of new blogger blog or websites.

If your questions are:-
"Are you worrying why your blog's alexa rank is not going higher","why my blog is not ranking in google search results","how to increase alexa rank of my blog or website","how to get page rank for new blog","how to increase alexa rank",how to fast increase alexa rank and page rank of my blog".

Than don't worry you will no more search this questions on the internet if you apply below SEO tactics in your SEO strategy.

(1)Submit your posts to social bookmarking websites

Just after publishing your new post go to the most famous social bookmarking and social networking websites.Here is the list of some of those websites that helps to increase alexa rank and page rank of your blogger blog or website.

(2)Fan Pages

how fan pages increase alexa rank
how fan pages increase alexa rank

Make your own fan pages in facebook and google plus.these two websites are in high level competition and thus helping their visitors to get maximum benefits from them.and it is the right time before they put some restrictions or tale money from you for making your fan page.after making fan pages publish your posts on those fan pages.check it out the above facebook fan page where i got 1,590 likes and it has PR 2.and playing tremendous role in increasing up my blog's alexa rank and page rank.

Create it from here.

Facebook Fan Page
Google Plus Fan Page

(3)Get the visitors.

It seems very easy in words that get the visitors but do you know how? ok then i tell you find your favourite websites on those fan pages i mean facebook fan page and google plus fab page and add their visitors to your profile.

List of Top 10 Bloggers To Follow(I am working on it.)

60% of their visitors will add you back and after that when you will share your article on those fan pages mostly 40% of them clicks on your links and you get visitors and relevent audience for your blog.this strategy really works belive me .i have done this for my other two blogs and they are ranking higher in SERPs (search engine results).

(4)Use Google Trends
5 Methods To Increase Alexa Rank of New Blogger Blog
Google trends play role in increasing alexa rank

Use Google trends in google plus to get fast pageviews and to get indexed by google.in google trends lots of people remain live and share their posts and in that time if you share your post then chances are higher to get click on them.
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